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Tea Meditations

Sometimes referred to as a Tea Ceremony or Kung Fu Tea Service (gong fu cha), we simply think of it as attentive brewing.

Lasting from between 20 minutes up to several hours, tea meditations can be booked in a one - on - one setting, or in groups of up to six people. For larger groups we can also organise for interactive settings to accommodate for just about any group size.

Tea Meditations can we set up in more formal, or relaxed settings depending on the audience and outcome.

Tea Meditations

Clarity of mind is something we are all searching for. Attentive brewing, such as is taught in gong fu cha, helps clear the mind, relax the central nervous system and allow us to simply be.

It can be a wonderful clearing, or physiological 'palate cleanser' in the morning, afternoon or indeed any time before you need your brain performing at it's peak.

The setting and what to expect?

Basically we'll sit and brew a succession of teas in a way that promotes thoughtful, attentive brewing. You don't need any special knowledge, tools or pre-requisites.

Simply bring an open mind and an empty bladder.

What can I expect to get out of this?

Most people report feeling a clean sense of calm alertness. Nothing overwhelming, but with continued practice we learn to train our physiology to carry this sense of wellbeing with us always.

What does it cost?

For booked events we charge $60/person. And this includes a selection of teas to take away with you. Or you can join our members area as we commonly host free events throughout the year.

I'd like to know more.

We aim to write a lot more on this in the coming months, but for now we suggest looking up our videos, or searching online for "tea ceremony".

This sounds fun, I'd like to book in.

Get in touch and let us know if this is for yourself, or a group of people and we'll take it from there.

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