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LYS collection teas are light & fresh and are best for those who enjoy delicate nuance, fresh and clean flavours. Think easy starts to the day and uplifting afternoons. If you enjoy pinot gris, gin & tonics or fresh margaritas & daiquiris you'll enjoy this space.

Here you'll find teas like our favourite Jasmine Dragon Pearls, bright green Mao Jhong's and deep but fresh Boazhong Oolongs.


Medius collection teas should never be too heavy, nor never too light.  Enjoy from here if you're looking for more depth, but nothing too full or weighty.  Those who enjoy a great pinot noir or tempranillo will love hanging out here.

Here you'll find a heavy presence of oolong teas (or teas with medium oxidisation).  Look for classics like Tie Guan Yin or some more unique like Ya Xi Xiang.


Sapor collection teas hold heavier profiles and body driven qualities. Look for big oxidisation and unique ferments & aging.

Sapor teas typically have a lot of depth and will be enjoyed by those who love more robust flavours, heavier textures and earthy, fermenty things.

Here you'll find unique and often rare black teas, puerhs and other interesting ferments.

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