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20 years in the food, wine, coffee & cocktails industry had us travelling the world working with various restaurant groups, chefs and foodies.  Across this journey we developed a huge love for tea and all the wonderful people involved in it's process. 

Having formed relationships with various farmers and tea merchants spanning China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan we wanted to make the often overlooked, and in our opinion more exciting teas, available beyond the domestic markets in which they're grown. 

It's surprisingly difficult to find quality single estate, current crop teas outside of producing nations.

Along our continued pathway through tea also came our journey through mindfulness, meditation and attentive practices. Practicing compassion & meditation with Rinpoche Shyalpa Tenzin we set about pulling together a brand that champions these ideals, along with kindness, ambition and clarity of mind. 

If any of these ideals align with you we welcome you join us in enjoying a tea and using the time to create space in your life. 

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