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Monk's Breakfast Tea Bags

Monk's Breakfast Tea Bags


Firey Yang Energy to Bring Energy to Your Morning ⚡️


20 Tea Bags

Packaged in Collectable Cylinder


A thoughtful blend of Dian Hong Jin (black) tea from Yunnan and a firey Lapsang Souchong from it's birthplace land of the Wuji Mountains of Fujian.  This high quality black tea will drink with a familiar tone to your standard English Breakfast Tea, but will bring more character and a stronger yang energy to the cup.


Handles milk, or of course enjoy it black.


We recommend brewing this tea with clean, fresh water straight off the boil (95°C/203°F) and steep for no longer than 2 minutes.



  • Our Tea Bags

    Our organic corn fiber tea bags harmonize nature and wellness. Unlike conventional plastic tea bags, our eco-friendly vessels offer a pure and untainted tea experience, free from the dark shadow of microplastics.

    You can delight in the knowledge that each sip not only nurtures your spirit but also safeguards the planet, as our tea bags are biodegradable and sustainably sourced. Elevate your tea ritual knowing that your choice supports both your well-being and the health of our precious planet.

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